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trickmouse's Journal

5 May
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  • trickmouse@livejournal.com

aka Firecrotch, Convenience, Mouse

I am:

Silly, absurd, shy, crazy, blond, fantastic, nerdy, geeky, dorky, opinionated, blue, awkward, a Doctor Who fanatic, a Trekkie, Irish, German, Tslagi, Scottish, French, Russian, Spanish and a whole mess of other cultures, a brilliant pencil dropper, a doctor-not a magician!, one of Doctor Steel's nurses, quite domestic, a GM, not a vegan, myself

I love:

Doctor Steel, hide, comics, Doctor Who, Star Trek, Star Wars, green, big cats, drawing, hexapi, boots, music, Ireland, old keys, sprites, vintage pinups, funny hats, catnip, steampunk, police boxes, creative rulers, cold pizza, corsetry, goggles, fiddling around with technology, daydreaming, horror movies (the only movies more funny than that are on Lifetime), playing with tools and taking things apart, Hans Bellmer, the Marquis De Sade

I hate:

Blueberries, having cold toes, general closed mindedness, cold fries